Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm here because I just want to write about my everyday life sometimes, particularly in the context of three things people don't usually include in a single blog (if they want to rank high on Google, that is): personal finance, career issues, and weight loss. In my life the three are intertwined. I call them my compound interests. Har, har. *cough*

An ordinary life is something a girl-woman like me pretty much aspires to. Managing my money (such as it is) and my weight would actually be pretty remarkable for me. Retirement savings ("Roth IRA" rolls romantically off my tongue) and a healthy diet (fruits, vegetables, home cooking) are positively exotic to a person who spent the better part of a decade on what Ozzy calls the crazy train.

I'm in my early 30s now and I want to build up that illusion (delusion?) of security that makes life feel a bit more structured,orderly, and sane.
Less for Success is about taming my habits: reducing my spending and overeating, and streamlining my lifestyle.I want to make progress in my career. I want to ditch the debt and stash some savings. I want to go for a jog and drink smoothies with flaxseed in them. This will just be our little secret for now, mmkay?